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#099 Lost and found in Translation

This short film programme is about all the things that can be lost and found in translation.

We communicate through language: spoken language, body language, iconographic language, computer language and many more. To understand a language we need to be able to know how to interpret it. That is where translation comes in. However, translations might omit things, add things and change what is said. It can broaden someone’s world by giving them access to texts they would otherwise not have been able to understand. Someone who speaks multiple languages can be an interpreter to make conversations between different cultures possible. Computers can translate in wholly different ways than humans. If someone cannot see something, someone else can describe it to show it anyway. This short film programme is about all the things that can be lost and found in translation.

With works by: Eliane Esther Bos, Andreas Gedin,  Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson, René Viénet/Tu Guangqi, Joy Buolamwini and Ben Grosser.

This Channel programme was created by Jacoline Maes during her internship in 2022/2023

Films in dit programma

In Flow of Words
Eliane Esther Bots
(NL, 2021, Video, 22:28)
The first thing one probably thinks of when hearing the term translation is translating one language to another. This might seem not...
So Far, So Good
Andreas Gedin
(SE, 2002, Video, 04:20)
Subtitles, a means of translating something, are there for those not speaking the language or for the hearing impaired, yet there is...
7 year itch
Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson
(UK, 2015, Video, 08:26)
This short film takes the idea of translation even further. It translates an experience (having sex) to a soundscape. By doing so it...
Can Dialectics Break Bricks?
René Viénet/Tu Guangqi (Keith Sanborn edit/subtitles)
(US, 1995, Video, 01:22:19)
I stumbled upon Can Dialectics Break Bricks? while diving into the archive of films shown at IMPAKT before. Sometimes one comes across a...
AI Ain’t I A Woman
Joy Buolamwini
(US, 2018, Video, 03:33).
AI can translate for us and we have seen how Google Translate has developed throughout the years, starting to understand more and more...
Computers Watching Movies
Ben Grosser
(US, 2013, Video, 15:10)
What do computers see when they watch a movie? Ben Grosser has made computers turn well-known movies into sketches. By doing this...
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