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In my videos I use a constant frame that just moves through my characters. Using this working method I want to explore the boundaries between video and photography but also reveal the moment in time and the real action. The duration of the video is similar to the celebration of the moment. ‘family portrait’ deals with the similar working method. The video was made at the wedding of Romanian friends in 2010 and shows family members preparing themselfs to take the familie picture. You hear them talk, you see them move, you feel impatience…until finally the picture can be taken. BIO: Sarah Carlier is born in 1981 Izegem, Belgium. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague Netherlands, where she lives and works now. in 2006 she finished he master of photography in Avans Hogeschool  Breda, The Netherlands. Her work has been part of art collections such as Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, ForoMuseum Antwerpen, de Stichting JC Art Fund and Belgische Ambassade Den Haag.
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