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Computers Watching Movies
Ben Grosser
(US, 2013, Video, 15:10)
What do computers see when they watch a movie? Ben Grosser has made computers turn well-known movies into sketches. By doing this...
AI Ain’t I A Woman
Joy Buolamwini
(US, 2018, Video, 03:33).
AI can translate for us and we have seen how Google Translate has developed throughout the years, starting to understand more and more...
Can Dialectics Break Bricks?
René Viénet/Tu Guangqi (Keith Sanborn edit/subtitles)
(US, 1995, Video, 01:22:19)
I stumbled upon Can Dialectics Break Bricks? while diving into the archive of films shown at IMPAKT before. Sometimes one comes across a...
7 year itch
Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson
(UK, 2015, Video, 08:26)
This short film takes the idea of translation even further. It translates an experience (having sex) to a soundscape. By doing so it...
So Far, So Good
Andreas Gedin
(SE, 2002, Video, 04:20)
Subtitles, a means of translating something, are there for those not speaking the language or for the hearing impaired, yet there is...
In Flow of Words
Eliane Esther Bots
(NL, 2021, Video, 22:28)
The first thing one probably thinks of when hearing the term translation is translating one language to another. This might seem not...
Mert Akbal, Frederic Ehlers & Luca Forcucci
“Thermal” is a poetic audio-visual work that explores the relation of the body and heat energy with subtle analytical images and...
Exhausting a Crowd
Kyle Mcdonald
(NL 2015)
Inspired by the classic book from Georges Perec, “An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris”, written from a bench over three days...
Negotiations of In/Visibility: Surveillance in Hito Steyerl’s How Not to be Seen
Joachim Friis (2021)
In this paper, author Joachim Friis analyzed Hito Steyerl’s artwork How Not to be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File...
Life a User’s Manual
Michelle Teran, 2003
The title Life: a user’s manual is taken from a novel of the same name by Georges Perec. Artist Michelle Teran guided the audiences...
Chance Meetings 3
Jean-Pierre Sens
(NL 1997, 16 mm, 5:00)
Chance Meetings 3 is a play between camera and subject, between mere observation and actual voyeurism which borders on the edges of...
Martine Stig
(NL 2020, Interview & Online platform)
WeAlgo is an online meeting place where participants can communicate through self-designed digital facemasks. It uses facial recognition...
Ocularis: Eye Surrogates
Tran, T. Kim–Trang
(USA 1997, video, 21:00)
Big Brother is watching you! This footage is followed by recordings of ‘victims’ relating the experiences they have had with...
Marilyn Times Five
Bruce Conner
(US 1968-73, 16 mm, 13:00)
Looking at a film from the late 1960s, one can see repeating patterns in pornography. The footage comes from Apple Knockers and Coke, a...
“Laborers of Love” (LOL)
Jeff Crouse, Stephanie Rothenberg and Michael Schieben
LOL showcases the new side of pornography and sharing of intimate moments that exploits the emergence of internet culture for self...
How to watch pornography
Mike Hoolboom
(CA 2019, 19:45 MIN)
A movie essay using theory fragments from porn studies pioneer Linda Williams, radical gender theorist Paul Preciado, feminist theorists...
Sergio Messina
Realcore is the term that the journalist, musician and technology researcher Sergio Messina invented for a genre in online pornography....
All You Can Eat
Michael Brynntrup
(DE 1993, 35 mm, 5:30)
“A clever reminder that actors in porn films have faces too”. A different look at pornography, by Brynntrup, that focuses on faces...
Koppie Koppie: Someone’s kid on your favorite mug
Yuri Veerman & Dimitri Tokmetzis
(NL 2015, webshop)
Koppie Koppie is a webshop that used to sell coffee mugs with pictures of other people’s children. The pictures were taken from...
(FR 2003, 3:00 min)
E-Baby is a 3-D generated animated film that tells the fictional story of a futuristic baby monitored through the web and electronic...
Kidfluencer Starterkit
Lotte Ottevanger
(NL 2020, trailer 1:00 min)
Kidfluencer Starterkit is an installation inspired by the Dutch documentary ‘Mijn dochter de vlogger’ (My daughter the flogger) by...
Sigur Rós
(CA 2003, 7:00 min)
The video takes place in a dystopian future, one where black ash falls from a red sky: the whole earth seems to be poisoned. The focus...
Sky’s The Limit
The Notorious B.I.G.
(USA 2000, 4:50 min)
One of the dominant ideas in pop music is the importance of being young and staying young. This is no cause of wonder, since the music...
Elena “Ladybug”
Irina Botea
(RO 2005, 8:00 min)
Elena dances accompanied by her band in Bucharest, Romania, in a transitional space in between 2 blocks of flats. People pass by. Is she...
Beauty Kit
(FR 2002, 2:17 min)
Cutely designed fake-commercials for the Beauty Kit: a do-it-yourself suitcase filled with instruments, helping little girls to adjust...
Deep down tidal
Tabita Rezaire
(2017, 19 min)
This program rounds up with this film which reflects on electronic or digital colonialism: “Electronic colonialism seeks to influence...
Emma Verhoeven
(2018, 5 min)
This film explores the (re)construction of memories in a digital age. Who was Nero and how do we remember him? What do we remember from...
You, the world and I
Jon Rafman
(2010, 6 min)
The difficulty (or impossibility) to remember someone when we don’t have images of them and how vulnerable these images are (they can...
The Back Steps
Leighton Pierce
(2001, 6 min)
One may think that technology would allow us to go back to a specific time (memory) in a perfectly documented way, but even with...
Toute la mémoire du monde
Alain Resnais
(1956, 22 min)
This film would serve to talk about our collective memory in contraposition of our personal memory and to reflect on what all these...
Tuning the Sleeping Machine
David Sherman
(US 1996, 12:54 MIN)
A suggestion of a psycho-physical cinema, an emul­sive journey of hypnotic illusion. Fragments of unidentified and yet strangely...
Branded Dreams
(NL 2016, 2:13 MIN)
We see ads everyday and everywhere. They have become part of our life. While some people try to avoid seeing ads, advertisers keep...
Johanna Reich
(GER, 2008, 4:00 MIN)
Holes are cut into the projection enclosing the female head. The cutting of holes through the projection, through the fabric, through...
Benjamin Earl
(GB 2018, 6:22 MIN)
Microtargeting, a hyper-personal marketing technique to harvest personal data, has been proven to be of little to no effect. Targets...
HOTEL, The Box
Benjamin Nuel
(FR 2018, 11:14)
A community of Sims lives in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of a large, growing city. Everyone goes about their own...
Sitting in the Darkness
Graeme Arnfield
(UK 2015, 15:39)
Out of the darkness, a sound emerges. It echoes and drones. Terrified people take to the streets in search of its source. They get their...
Extinction Rebellion x Chernobyl
Ted Hunt
(UK 2019, 3:38)
In the final scene of the HBO series Chernobyl, the main character speaks of the toxic consequences of denial and inaction. Ted Hunt...
Involuntary Conversion
Jeanne C. Finley
(US 1991, 9:32)
The pentagon uses the term involuntary conversion to refer to a crash – a starting point for Finley to investigate bureaucratic...
Bruce Conner
(US 1976, 36 min)
In his iconic work, Bruce Conner turned declassified US National Archive footage of the Bikini Atoll bomb tests into an assemblage. Shot...
Nail Art Museum
Jeremy Bailey
(CA 2014, 5:53 min)
How can we use digital applications to create online personalities? As social media users, we are only too glad to play starring roles...
Face it! (Cast yourself™)
Michael Brynntrup
(DE 2007, 4:00 min)
Face It! (Cast Your Self™) consists of photographs collected from personal profiles of gay chat rooms on the internet. All images are...
7.) I Spill My Guts Everyday For Nothing
Kirsten Stoltman
(US 2015, 7:48 min)
A portrait of the artist spilling her guts with a blank expression on her face. A self-confessional meditation, equal parts comic and...
Amalia Ulman
(ES/AR 2018, 8:00min)
Amalia Ulman’s work addresses fluid identities in the post- digital era when sincerity can be both authentic and ironic. AGENDA is a...
Easy Rider
Pilvi Takala
(FI/NL 2006, 4:35 min)
Easy Rider takes place on a tram in Amsterdam, where a young man is asking a bit too much from a stranger. In only a few minutes the...
11 fragments of Japan (excerpt)
Paulien Oltheten
(NL/JP 2009, 9:23 min)
For the video ’11 fragments of Japan’, Paulien Oltheten really shows how she gets things done. She does this by asking people to...
Haysha Royko
Miranda July
(US 2003, 4:00 min)
Miranda July demonstrates a remarkable eye for the extraordinary in daily life in this short video piece. In Hay-sha Royko, three people...
Alexander Herzog
(DE 2004, 4:21 min)
Twelve persons performing air guitar in urban surroundings.The sound, a composition of guitar samples, is combined with ultra dynamic...
The Box
Jes Benstock
(UK 1996, 5:01 min)
The Box shows the estrangement one can feel when the world around them is moving too fast and no one seems to take the time to stand...
Public Spaces
Martijn Veldhoen
(NL 2006, 11:01 min)
Once ‘public space’ was a clear concept. It was a kind democratic medium that could be accessed by everyone, safely and freely...
Eine Kurzstrecke
Jeroen Kooijmans
(NL 2000, 3:01 min)
“I was in Berlin for a working period of 1 month and searching for German humor. Eventually I made a short movie in the daily...
The Prediction Machine
Marleine van der Werf
(NL 2015, 15:11)
De Lange leads the ‘Predictive Brain Lab’ at Radboud University and his research focuses on how the predictions we continually make...
See a Dog, Hear a Dog
Jesse McLean
(US 2016, 17:40)
This film probes the limits and possibilities of communication. Can we ever truly communicate with a machine, with a nonhuman animal,...
Decay Part III: Body Conscious
Ann Hirsch
(US 2014, 10:37)
A film that deals with how various media technologies can potentially influence us to start thinking of ways to shape our online or...
Losing Sleep
Douglas Porter
(CA 1996, 14:27)
LOSING SLEEP presents interview footage of a self-confessed computer hacker who is struggling with chronic insomnia. His work on the...
Black Sea Files
Ursula Biemann
(CH 2005, 43:51 min)
In this video, Biemann sees Black Sea as not merely a geographical location but a geo-political space in which transnational oil...
Mike Stubbs
(UK 2000, 14:40 min)
In this video installation, Stubbs strikingly juxtaposes multi-layered spaces of the British city Hull in the face of regeneration...
The Romanians (Live Like a King)
Heidrun Holzfeind
(AT 2002, 14:01 min)
Holzfeind’s documentary style video artwork addresses the wider social and political phenomena of globalisation by diving into the...
Squattertown (episode 1), 1st Man Down
Marco Sparmberg
(HK 2011, 07:05 min)
The web video series transplants a dystopian Western to the rooftops of Hong Kong. Drawing from the two hallmark film movements: the...
On the BG Track. 03
Krassimir Terzeiv
(BG 2002, 6:57)
On the BG Track. 03 compares the urban spaces of Sofia with Hollywood film dialogues which portray Bulgarian culture, customs and...
Fire Fly
Caroline Kamya
(UG/CN 2011, 16:00 min)
For the director, it was her first visit to China. That is why she chose a kind of fairytale, since for her a fairytale has universal...
Buyer Walker Rover aka. Then There (Yiwu)
Amalia Ulman
(ES 2019, 15:18 min)
Buyer Walker Rover depicts the journey of a Spanish girl Anna who came to Yiwu in search of dreams alone. The video with its multiple...
5 lessons and 9 questions about Chinatown
Shelly Silver
(US 2009, 10:00 min)
Combining documentaries and animations, this film presents how the historical facts, including Chinese Exclusion Act and racial...
The Wallraff Method
Thierry Geoffroy
(DK 2005, 3:53 min)
“Are you busy? Can I borrow your hat so I look like you?” The artist tried to investigate what is the best nationality to integrate...
David Harvey: The Crises of Capitalism
RSA Animate, David Harvey
(UK 2010, 11:10)
In this RSA Animate, radical social theorist David Harvey asks if it is time to look beyond capitalism towards a new social order that...
Human Trial
Butler Brothers
(UK 2005, 4:37)
An extraordinary rendition to a chamber of commerce.
Supposed To
Aleesa Cohene
(CA 2006, 7:26)
Supposed To examines how work in a capitalist system divides us from ourselves. Work often succeeds at limiting our individual agency...
Optimizer Customizer
Jan van Nuenen
(NL 2002, 12:09)
A feminine machine, over-stuffed with the most modern nano-technology, proceeds her endless repeating task. When something goes wrong, a...
Hooray the Economy is Booming!
Mark O'Connell
(US 1997, 3:31)
Jesse Drew
(US 1995, 9:11)
Marx meets Mickey Mouse in this now-classic cartoon version of the Communist Manifesto.
Monsieur Tête
Jan Lencia
(FR, 1959, 12:46 min)
An experimental and intellectual animated film which represents the last effort of Giannalberto Bendazzi.
Golden Bowl, or Repression
Chris Kraus, US 1988, 12:23
In The Golden Bowl, or Repression, inspired partly by the Henry James novel, you can feel the hangover of 70’s New York: bankruptcy,...
Art Parade
M.M. Serra, US 2011, 5:33
Art Parade is a meditation on staring and display, and on the ambiguous energies that emanate from both. Much of the film is dominated...
The Abortion Diaries
Penny Lane, US 2005, 30:14
The Abortion Diaries gives voice to an important but silenced community: women who have had abortions. Over a million American women...
L’Amour Fou
M.M. Serra, US 1992, 16:36
A curious meditation on the pleasures and terrors of s/m, in which interviews with enthusiasts collide with choice porn clips, Fleisher...
Me and Rubyfruit
Sadie Benning, US, 1990, 5:30
Based on a novel by Rita Mae Brown, Me and Rubyfruit chronicles the enchantment of teenage lesbian love against a backdrop of...
(FRANCE 2011, 10:20 MINS.)
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. A prophetic story – handed down from generation to generation –...
(UNITED STATES 2010, 28:00 MINS.)
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. Bittersweet portrait of a drastic development in the real and online...
(UNITED STATES 2012, 24:30 MINS.)
Simultaneously theatrical and dry, this film tells a brief story about a family. Although it, at first, appears to abide by the rules it...
(CHINA 2012, 11:13 MINS.)
A hypnotic, triple screen video collage consisting of iconic images from cinema history, though not from Hollywood, but from Hong Kong...
(GERMANY 2011, 5:15 MINS)
Alfred Hitchcock himself dubbed the German trailer for “Psycho” (1960). With a heavy English accent he transported viewers to a very...
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. Donor examines the new psychological terrain full quantification of the...
(UNITED STATES 1997, 7:41 MINS.)
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. In this video, Lucas performs characters on both sides of the screen....
(USA 1996, 4:50 MINS.)
A strange Good Samaritan figure in a vivid red suit takes pity on a retching soldier who drags himself through the vile green, almost...
(UNITED STATES 1991, 9:00 MINS.)
In a time of “permanent pre-hostility”(peace) where an “energetic disassembly”(nuclear explosion) is imminent, a disembodied...
(SPAIN 1995,15:52 MINS.)
In an era of post-ecological sustainability, where our planet is running out of basic resources, humanity turns to the wide expanse of...
(UNITED STATES 2014, 23:20 MINS.)
A humoristic dialogue between a Neanderthal and a bit of an idiot from our time, questions the actual origin of human evolution.
(UNITED STATES 2014, 11:14 MINS.)
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. Using the visual material that Lambert collected during two years of...
(INDONESIA 2013, 13:54 MINS.)
A traditional marriage is preceded by a period of isolation, but two young Indonesians lovers can’t be stopped.
Unfortunately this video is no longer available on the Impakt Channel. An architect attempts to design a city in his imagination....
(INDONESIA 2013, 9:20 MINS.)
The Impact of massive Arab tourism in West Java is shown in the documentation of a park, where women must be escorted at all times....
(UNITED STATES 2010, 5:26 MINS.)
Fully fledged commentary on an inexplicable catch. The fear of a possible diabolic birth causes unrest in the animal community.
(POLAND 2011, 16:30 MINS.)
A complex long-distance relationship between two people both of whom have a home base they cannot leave.
(AUSTRIA 2011, 17:00 MINS.)
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. A micro society that exudes social, political and creative crisis. A...
(FRANCE 2012, 11:42 MINS.)
Unfortunately this video is no longer available on the Impakt channel but you can watch a trailer here. A personal portrait of a place...
(ICELAND 2011, 10:08 MINS.)
A familiar environment as the idyllic point of departure for an escape from reality.
(GERMANY 2011, 14:52 MINS.)
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. Nostalgic excerpts of fiction, fairytales and vintage science fiction...
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel, but you can see it here. Using very recognisable source material, this...
An odd event in an olive grove: one of the trees starts a revolt. As the spontaneous protest spreads, a police squad rallies through the...
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel, but you can see an excerpt here. A Youtube collage about snake owners...
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel, but you can see an excerpt here. How do you manage to survice the...
A nesting box builder in a small town in the Midwest is thriving thanks to the fact that some 1 million Americans now want to offer the...
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. Surreal events shot using Polaroids and Super-8 film. A doctor (Udo...
Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel, but you can see a trailer here. A conceptual detective film against the...
Cable Xcess
Kristin Lucas
(US 1996, 4:35 mins)
Cable Xcess is a public service announcement/infomercial which informs viewers about the consequences of long term exposure to...
Every (Movie, Sound, Image, Text) On My Cell Phone
Darrin Martin
(2009, 8:00 mins)
Another example of how our memories can blur together if we mix up, with no particular order or selection. The result is quite curious:...
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