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AI Ain’t I A Woman

Joy Buolamwini (US, 2018, Video, 03:33).

AI can translate for us and we have seen how Google Translate has developed throughout the years, starting to understand more and more and taking the context of a sentence into account. But AI is used to do much more than just translate languages. A big development is AI processing, and translating, images into words/categories. This short movie is about how AI is actually flawed and biased because the information they have been fed is not representative. Their translations, their algorithms are faulty. Joy Buolamwini shows one of these errors in her spoken word performance about AI and how it doesn’t recognize black women as women.

If this video triggers your interest, Buolamwini has done a lot of research on this topic and has presented it for example in this TED video or, if you have a little more time, in this interesting presentation. She was also involved in the documentary Coded Bias.

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