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In an era of post-ecological sustainability, where our planet is running out of basic resources, humanity turns to the wide expanse of space to find new fertile soil. However, space can be a lonely place. In Poyo’s work Happy Birthday Lucy, a cosmonaut narrates his last days of existence. Poyo makes us partake in his tasks within the limited confines of his compartment. The images and sound are distorted, as if they have survived crashing through earth’s atmosphere on its way back to terra firma. What sounds like ravings of a madman, the cosmonaut talks about the eternal void, passionate love, floating and drifiting away in space and the loss of identity in solitude. These expressions of love and loss in the immensity of space weigh down on him with nothing but one companion: his plant, Lucy. In this video Poyo pays tribute the science fiction genre with the iconography of classic 1960s space films. He also contrasts the machinery and technology with a personal history, showing the isolation one might feel alone in space.

BIO: Txuspo Poyo is a pluri-disciplinary artist, who has the great ability to anticipate and stimulate the viewer’s imagination. Any medium is therefore conveyed to achieve a certain level of poetic aesthetics with 16mm films, videos, celluloid’s, photographic words and processed images. One recurrent aspect of the artist’s work is the strong cinematographic references, from 20th Century to virtual animation. His work is about inventing a system of self-imposed limitations and exploring its aesthetic possibilities. All forms of his work depend on the suppression or revelation of story information. Txuspo Poyo chooses when and how to share facts with the reader or viewer, so as to generate anticipation, mystery, suspense, or surprise. In this sense, all his narrations have game-like features. By emphasizing either the play of constraints or the play of asymmetric information, one can treat his work as a form of play.

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