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An odd event in an olive grove: one of the trees starts a revolt. As the spontaneous protest spreads, a police squad rallies through the landscape in an attempt to quell the unrest. Inspired by ancient olive harvesting methods in which aggression and cultivation come together. BIO: Chaja Hertog (1978, Amsterdam) and Nir Nadler (1977, Haifa) are an artist duo based in Amsterdam. Since 2006 they have been collaborating on a broad range of disciplines including film, photography, installation, and performance. After their graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Arts (both in the audiovisual department), Hertog went on to receive her MFA from the Royal Academy of Arts (ArtScience Department) in the Hague, and Nadler completed his MFA from DasArts, Master of Theater, in Amsterdam. Hertog & Nadler’s collaboration can be best described as a marriage of abstract storytelling and craftsmanship. For the past few years, the duo’s work has been extensively engaged with making work that plays on the border between cinema, performance, and spatial installations. In each project they tend to invest in research as well as craftsmanship in order to understand what the piece is really about and what it wants to communicate, thus each piece also requires a new work-process.
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