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Unfortunately this video is not available on the Impakt Channel. Surreal events shot using Polaroids and Super-8 film. A doctor (Udo Kier) receives Heather in his outdoor treatment room in the desert where he is helped by the apparition of a nurse. BIO: Stefanie Schneider (born 1968 in Cuxhaven) is a photographer living in Berlin and Los Angeles. Schneider’s photographic work exploits the distinctive appearance of expired Polaroid instant film. Her photographs are enlarged by hand in her Berlin “Labudio” laboratory. Random visual artifacts can be found in the resulting imagery, a consequence of deterioration of the chemicals and film involved. Schneider’s preferred choice of location is the American West (especially Twentynine Palms, California, which served as location and title to one of her books), and the mounting of sequential images in a panel, the photographs evoke the impression of faded dreamy film stills. Schneider’s work is released in books and exhibition catalogs. She holds a “Master of Fine Arts” in photography from the “Folkwang Hochschule” Essen, Germany”. Schneider completed “29 Palms, CA” in 2014. A feature film, art piece that explores the dreams and fantasies of a group of people who live in a trailer community in the Californian desert. The project includes six films: “Hitchhiker”, “Rene’s dream”, “Sidewinder”, “Till death do us part”, “Heather’s dream” and “The girl behind the white picket fence”. A defining feature is the use of still Polaroid images in succession and voice over.
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