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“Laborers of Love” (LOL)

Jeff Crouse, Stephanie Rothenberg and Michael Schieben

LOL showcases the new side of pornography and sharing of intimate moments that exploits the emergence of internet culture for self expression and enjoyment.  

“Laborers of Love/LOL” is a crowdsourcing project that explores how sexuality and desire are mediated through new technologies, specifically new models of global, outsourced labor. The project takes the form of an Internet service that uses anonymous online workers to create “customers” video fantasies. Utilizing Mechanical Turk, an online job engine created by Amazon.com (mturk.com), LOL leverages a global online workforce of workers that are not specific to the sex industry but rather a diverse group of home/computer based workers. In an assembly-line fashion, Mechanical Turk workers collect images and videos related to the fantasy from a variety of websites.


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