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application: house of khronos

House of Khronos tries to visualize a world without us, a world without humans and where there are no chains on the will of nature. They work thereby reflects on the current pandemic situation and the A World Without Us project from 2018. We invite you to explore Ortenoja through the House of Khronos application, for which you can find a link below.

“House of Khronos is a conceptual environmental art work by the artist duo IC-98 (Visa Suonpää & Patrik Söderlund). The artwork is located in Ortenoja in the municipality of Pöytyä in Southwest Finland. Consisting of a property surrounded by a gateless chain link fence, it is a space removed from human influence where nature is allowed to take over. The long duration project explores time and its effects from the perspectives of organic nature and built environment. House of Khronos is the first contemporary art project produced by the Lönnström Art Museum. It was executed in 2016–2017.”

House of Khronos webpage

The app

You can download the app House of Khronos in the App Store/Play Store, or download the desktop version here.

Explanation for use of the application

You can download the application, for instance on your phone. The normal settings are in Finnish, but when you tap in the left corner on English, the settings change to the English language. You can navigate through different areas and get more information on certain objects by tapping on the blue circles.

If you want to use the desktop version, then please accept OK the warnings that will appear. If you do not wish to OK these warnings, then you can always try using the application.

IC-98’s work in the A World Without Us exhibition from 2018

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