9 mei 1997
Locatie: Filmtheater t’Hoogt
11 mei 1997
Locatie: Filmtheater t’Hoogt

Prelude, Rene Beekman (The Netherlands, 1996, 8:00, video)
The tranquil image of a slow fish which gradually becomes more complex and stratified.

Century Fuge 255, Ivar Smed­stad (Germany, 1996, 5:50, video)
A rhythmic sequence of digitally manipulated and transfor­med images.

-30°, Davix (Switzerland, 1996, 5:30, video)
Found footage edited so that it both reveals and conce­als.

2 Minutes in America, Kai Zimmer (Germany, 1996, 2:00, video)
Get in, drive, (maybe) have an accident, arrive.

Blossom Bar Bernina, Xenia K. Dieroff (UK, 1996, 3:00, video)
A woman handles her sewing machine like a lover.

Kustom Kar Kommandos, Kenneth Anger (US, 1965, 3:00, video)

Supercollider – Infection, Paul and Marc Swadel (New Zealand, 1996, 2:30, 35 mm)
A fevered endogenic virus increases in power.

Supercollider – Guns, Paul and Marc Swadel (New Zealand, 1996, 1:30, 35 mm)
Bullets shat­ter the image into shards, as if it were a mirror.

Scrutiny, Ian Cross (UK, 1995, 7:50, 35 mm)
Talking about the Big Four; Birth, Death, Sex and Doing Chores On A Saturday Morning.

Conversation, Rafael Montanez Ortiz (Germany, 1996, 12:00, video)
Two fragments from Holly­wood films are superimposed onto each other, giving the images a very dramatic charge.

Voice Image, Peer Bode (US, 1996, 12:00, video)
We follow the artists’ search for unexpected connections, in this interface between image and sound.

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