8 mei 1997
Locatie: Filmtheater t’Hoogt
11 mei 1997
Locatie: Filmtheater t’Hoogt

Schonen, guten Tag, Corinna Schnitt (Germany, 1995, 5:00, 16 mm)
Answering machine mes­sages are collaged as a sound­track to images of Frau Schnitt performing everyday activities.

Prelude, Guy Sherwin (UK, I 1996, 12:30, 16 mm)
Sherwin mixes different moments in time in a series of high contrast shots.

Happy-End, Peter Tscherkassky (Austria, 1996, 12:00, 35 mm)
Tscherkassky digs into the private parties of Rudolf and Elfriede in this found footage film, based upon many hours of home movies from the 60s-80s.

Traces, Charlie Murphy (UK, 1995, 7:00, video)
A short digital video that explores the lineage of family resemblance using a com­puter to animate photographic stills into moving images.

Blight, John Smith (UK, 1996, 14:00)
People relate their memo­ries of the houses where they spent their childhood, while the destructive force of the motorway construction eradicates these material remains.

Sunset Strip, Kayla Parker (UK, 1996, 3:30, 35 mm)
In another one of her ‘direct movies’, Kayla Parker presents a visual diary of mesmerising sunsets.

Hardwood Process, David Gatten (US, 1996, 14:00,16mm)
Abstract, modified film material, like pages out of a diary.

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