Blue Movie Bacchanalia

Pornography #3

15 mei 1998
Locatie: Filmtheater ’t Hoogt
17 mei 1998
Locatie: Filmtheater ’t Hoogt

De Amerikaanse filmverzamelaar Jack Stevenson houdt zich bezig met ‘the real thingin Blue Movie Bacchanalia. Hij laat films zien uit zijn eigen collectie die, zoals hij zelf zegt, een alternatief geven op of afwijken van, de standaard norm.

No Help Needed (midden jaren 20)
A series of pornographic vignettes featuring Homo Sapiens and other (mostly unwilling) mammals.

Three-Gals-on-a-Couch-and-Watch-Out (laat jaren 20)
Short vignette: 3 gals fondle each other uncontrollably, which leads to a lot of heady clothes-ripping and mutual groping, and to one of the most notable references to lesbianism in early stag cinema.

The Gobbler (laat jaren 20/vroeg jaren 30)
Short subject demonstrates an old safe sex “folk remedy” that involves liquor.

Hokum The Magician (laat jaren 20/vroeg jaren 30)
Stars “Blondi Blondell, a statuesque blonde who featured notably in other stags of the period. Here she is visited by a “hokum” who astounds her with a variety of lewd magical hi-jinx.

The Return of Pete the Tramp (vroeg jaren 30)
Depression era theme here of hapless hobo invited into housewife’s kitchen for a sandwich. She molests the rotund, unwilling tramp while he struggles to finish sandwich … she strips him then drags him into bathroom and gives him bath while he ignores her sexual come-on. She then corrals him in her bedroom and virtually rapes him – finally losing patience with his wilting dick and kicking him out. A very strange, almost sadistic item of stag film exploitation.

Nude Screen Test (rond 1940)
A non-explicit, voyeuristic backstage peep at a filmmaker who apparently promises the gal he’ll make her a star – as long as she takes her clothes off.

Intermission Strip (laat jaren 60)
Intermission strip from a 1968 San Francisco storefront porno theater signals the start of late-60s San Francisco color productions.

The Lipstick Sales Lady Comes to Your House (rond 1968)
Sales lady with a knockout potion and S&M tendencies visits a housewife and gives her the full treatment in a film that played tiny storefront porn theatres just before advent of hardcore in 1969.

Coming Next Thursday
Coming attractions announcement from a typical San Francisco storefront porn theater. VERY lowbudget.

Lucky Guy With a Movie Camera (rond 1968)
Several vignettes by a guy who provided willing girls with a movie camera, and, not least, a lab to process the film. Note the refreshingly amateurish and naive results. No pretentions to art or drama, this film may have played as “filler” in a shoebox room. This was before porn became an “industry”.

Gift for Santa (rond 1968)
Short softcore homemovie fantasy finds Santa surprised by a housewife who he then bestows with suggestive presents like a dildo, a roll of salami and so forth.