The Hmm @ 4 locations

Een decentraal evenement dat tegelijk plaatsvindt

28 april 2022

Locatie: Theater Berenkuil
Fysiek €8,-, Online €5,-

In 1964 introduceert Marshall McLuhan het concept ‘global village’: hoe massamedia de tijds- en plaatsbarrières van de menselijke communicatie steeds meer wegneemt, waardoor mensen op een mondiale schaal kunnen communiceren. Bijna zestig jaar later onderzoeken we nog steeds hoe media tijd en ruimte kunnen samenbrengen. Dat is precies wat The Hmm deze avond wil onderzoeken. ‘The Hmm @ 4 Locations’ is een van de meest uitdagende experimenten van dit jaar. Voor zover wij weten is het de eerste keer dat zoiets in Nederland plaatsvindt! The Hmm @ 4 locations is een decentraal evenement dat plaatsvindt op vier locaties in vier provincies tegelijk in Nederland.

Het idee voor dit hybride format ontstond tijdens een gesprek met live-ness researcher Esther Hammelburg, die zich afvraagt of samenkomen op één plek nodig is om een gevoel van verbondenheid te creëren. Dat gaan we tijdens deze avond onderzoeken. Je kunt The Hmm @ 4 locaties bijwonen in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht en Eindhoven. Natuurlijk kun je het evenement ook online via het livestream platform van The Hmm volgen. Acht sprekers zullen een 5-minuten presentatie geven op vier locaties. Op elke locatie zijn twee sprekers fysiek aanwezig, de overige sprekers zijn via een livestream te volgen.

Je kan fysiek komen kijken bij:
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam
MU, Torenallee 40-06, Eindhoven
IMPAKT, @Theater Berenkuil, Biltstraat 166, Utrecht

Sprekers fysiek in Utrecht:

Ted Oliekan: with over 150,000 followers on Instagram (and 250,000 on Twitter!), Buff, Wally & Conan are some of the most popular guinea pigs in the Netherlands. Ted is the self proclaimed ‘pig dad’ of this very cute trio, and he started posting photos and videos of his guinea pigs on social media six years ago. What started off as a content geared for family and friends has now grown enormously, with fans all over the world from the US to Thailand to Taiwan. He’ll be joining us to talk about their world of Pigopolis that he and his family created and what it’s like to live in and manage this guinea pig paradise.

Googless: we might think we only interact with Google when we’re searching online, but how present is Google really in our lives? Ola Bonati, Timo Meilof & Kwan Suppaiboonsuk will be joining us tonight to tell us all about Googless, a project exploring the utopian vision of the internet where Google is barred form constant access to our data. The project features a browser plugin which reveal the omnipresence of tracking tools that Google uses to maintain its online presence and power.

Sprekers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam en Eindhoven:

Süeda Isik: how is ketamine related to the neoliberal world Gen Z finds itself in? Why do young people film themselves snorting coke on TikTok? Is alcohol losing popularity an dare drugs losing their bad stigma? Does the mega-hit series Euphoria play a part in this trend? Süeda, a 24 year old investigative journalist for the NRC (and it’s first meme editor!) will be joining us to answer all these questions and talk abut the rise in drug-related meme accounts and posts on social media.

Ying-Ting Shen and Yu-Ching Chiang: can online platforms extend our body awareness and state of emotion during video chats? Ying-Ting Shen a.k.a. TING.S and Yu-Ching Chiang are cross-disciplinary artist and designers, currently based in Rotterdam. Their works investigate both tangible and virtual space through new media, spacial sculpture, and interactive installation. They’ll be joining us tonight to talk about the Enter online residency they are part of with their project Chat Plannnnnnnnet: an experimental video chat platform that uses a geographical coordinates system.

Ananya Panda is a graphic designer and a visual artist whose practice revolves around collecting and reconfiguring materials, forms, gestures and stories to forge new constellations of meaning. Their aim is to expand the definition of design itself to accommodate indigenous knowledge-making techniques, placing craftsmanship at the centre of their practice. They will be joining us to talk about their work ‘Self-sufficient nodes’, an examination of the labor that upholds the internet infrastructure through the misuse of cloudsourcing micro-work platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Ester van Vugt has 100k followers on TikTok, where she makes videos about her addiction. She has been addicted to GHB for seven years, and even made the drugs herself to save money. Now she has now been clean for several years and shares her experience of her addiction and life as an ex-addict on TikTok.

Lulu van Dijck: during the pandemic, galleries, museums and other exhibitions spaces shut down, but grocery stores always stayed open. Lulu is an artist and designer based in Amsterdam whose work revolves mostly around the body; ranging form AI generated and live-coded voice experiments to (visual) essays on mind-body dualism. She’ll be joining us tonight to talk about ‘Hacking the grocery store’ a web-based augmented reality platform which makes use of the existing infrastructure of Albert Heijn stores throughout the Netherlands, as a means to exhibit artworks made by young artists.

Marta Cecarelli: have you ever heard of Dark Forests on the internet? Marta is a student in the New Media and Digital Culture MA and is interested in digital subcultures and how they contribute to artistic/knowledge production. She’ll be joining us to talk about the idea of the internet’s Dark Forests, understanding them as a subcultural response to an increasingly tech-hegemonic environment. She’ll draw form her own experiences of DFs, especially on Discord, as well as highlighting the critiques of these otherwise seemingly utopic spaces.


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