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A Forest Walk

By drift root collective (The Netherlands, 2020/2)

What are the places of play of your childhood? Where did you hide away with your friends from the grown-up world? Did you meet up in secret with mystical forces looming in the neighbourhood woods or in that makeshift shelter you built during summer? Take A Forest Walk through all the tiny stories and mysteries that made a world that only belonged to you.

Activation: A Forest Walk is a participatory storytelling game for 2 – 3 people, in which two participants enter a mystical forest and together bring to life their childhood memories of secret places and the forces that dwell within.

In an immersive miniature forest landscape – filled with crooked trees, abandoned shelters, mysterious lights, and shadows lurking in the distance – the two participants tell each other short improvised stories about the unfolding scenes in front of their eyes and so bit-by-bit reveal the forest’s history.

drift root collective consists of Sam Bachy (visual artist & scenographer), Paul Schmidt (sound & interaction designer), Jezi Tay (performance & installation designer), and Mees Godwaldt (technician).

They experiment with creating installations and performances to facilitate collaboration between artist and audience through playful processes of storytelling. Their projects are, by design, works-in-progress that require the engagement of a participatory and ludic public to come into being through their interactions and group dynamics.



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