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By Krillbite Studio, Adrian Tingstad Husby (Norway, 2021)

Follow the chorus of trees in a hand-painted living forest, drenched by the setting evening sun. Pick some flowers as you get lured deeper and deeper into the enchanted green. The trunks whisper a story of losing oneself. Of becoming one with everything and, just for one moment, feeling the connectedness of all. Only to end up in a bleak landscape – scarred by the pain of separation. Hold your memories of what has been lost and leave your bouquet as a speck of colourful light – where all things came to an end.

The game’s background music, “Hymn of the Cherubim”, composed by Tchaikovsky, was recorded in the Archbishops palace in Trondheim, Norway, and sung by the award-winning choir Kammerkoret Aurum.

Play Time: 20 – 30 minutes

Krillbite Studio is an independent game developer creating unique and innovative game experiences, focused on exploring the interactive space. The collective was founded in 2011 by graduate students of Experience Production and Interactive Medias at the College University of Hedmark, Norway.



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