Part of Turning Torrents

On the Outside Speaking from the Inside

Lapis Lazuli & Vince van Rossum

A parallel is drawn between a narrative of the attempted subjugation of the Earth, and a form of disconnect from one’s emotion, experienced especially by men. 

In a metasentimental performance we relate to changing definitions of nature and love. Both concepts have for the longest time been subjected to a definition that revolves around consumption and possession. A definition that has brought on a lot of damage. Two autonomous beings express their thoughts and feelings to each other through prerecorded songs and text bites are collaged into a conversation. 

This conversation is being processed through an action of weaving on a loom that creates a set and setting for the performance. 

The sound tells a story, the action of weaving leaves behind its traces. 

An attempted act of coming together, trying to find agency through voicing an experience of living in unchosen structures by creating a new woven structure. 


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