In ‘Manuals for the 21st Century’ Impakt offers space for a personal and idiosyncratic futurism: work of art that analyzes the present, extrapolates developments brutally and offers help for the future. This results in a multidisciplinary exhibition and a special event.

Observation BoothTobias Schalken (The Netherlands, 1996)
Viewed from this inside, this small, high-ceilinged booth appears to be a pre-fabricated structure. A chair and a typewriter form part of the metal enclosure. There are two funnel-shaped bulges on either side of the choir. When seated, the visitor can be observed from the outside through one of them, and can see someone sitting in an identical booth through the other. (In reality, this is a video recording.) The booth seems to be one part of a gigantic Orwellian construction.

UntitledBart Faassen (The Netherlands, 1998)
Faassen obtains floorplans of the house of a neighbour or on acquaintance from the Land Registry Office. Using this, he constructs a somewhat smaller scale replica on a large wooden plank, which rests on wooden poles at chest height. Raising the floorplan creates spaces which relate to rooms, resulting in an unstable equilibrium between the idea of on enlarged model and a miniaturised house. The visitor is confronted witi the interior of someone else’s house and (unwillingly) invades their privacy.

L R GPeter Fengler (The Netherlands, 1998)
Perhaps those who read braille may be able to extract a prophecy from acne.

CradleFiona Tan (The Netherlands, 1998)
A new film installation by Fiona Tan.

This Way to the Stars (Impressions of the ST(*)boretum)Mike Tyler, Paul Peny and Dovid Kremers (The Netherlands 1998)
David Kremers, Paul Perry and Mike Tyler have introduced a different space-time to the tree garden Belmonte of the Wageningen Agriculrural University. Visitors navigate through the collection of exotic trees and simultaneously traverse distant stars. The engine (for their voyage) is nuclear-powered. This Way to the Stars, the extitbilion that is part of the lmpakt Festival can be considered as a spin-off from the ST(*)boretum project in Wageningen. The exhibition in Wageningen is on from May 10 to September 20, 1998.

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