What Happened To All The Fun In The World?

'All Gave Some and Some Gave All' read the enormous tattoo on the back of an American, a photograph which probably made it into all the Dutch Newspapers as a half-page hot. The Neo-realist depiction of the burning twin towers. Soon to become ground zero - above which float the Gods which had always smiled on America will adorn this fireman's back for life. 911 remembered, the US and Europe of the verge of war, western economises on their knees and in the meantime Prince Claus of Netherlands is still in Hospital: All is not well in the world.

Florian Wüst’s programme for the Impakt Festival examined and displayed this incomprehensible world with its opportunities and impossibilities, utopias and dystopias. Artist and Curator Wüst compiled his world perfect: A film video and lecture programme in which contemporary western civilisation was stripped down to its essence especially for the Impakt festival 2002 where it received its premiere.

What else can you expect? The Metamorphosis of former Court building, Hip-Hop, Schizophrenia, Internet Hypes, Encounters, Controversies, Young talent and much much more. All this culminated in an exhibition, lectures, film and video screenings, concert and a media and video library.

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