Amakaba: A vision of Collective Healing

A center for the “wisdom of the earth, the body and sky”

After years spent at the cutting edge of the digital art scenes in London and South Africa, Tabita Rezaire started a new, inspiring adventure in the middle of the Amazon rainforest of French Guiana. In 2021 she founded Amakaba: a center for the “wisdom of the earth, the body and sky”. The initiative is a healing and educational centre and invites individuals to gather, experiment, and collaborate. It is meant as a concrete response to the current ecological, social, and political challenges. As Rezaire tweeted recently: “It’s not an art space; it’s not a residency. It’s about coming and talking to the trees for some time.”

On the surface, it will be a center for the arts and science, with a farm and yoga center, but it will also combine the spiritual and ancestral philosophy that runs as a red thread through Rezaire’s work. With Amakaba, Rezaire wants to contribute to the preservation of the Amazonian forest by inviting people to reconnect with their surroundings. She takes inspiration from informal schooling, nature walks, astrology and ancestral technologies when imagining the Amakaba of the future. 

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Would you like to know more about Tabita Rezaire’s practice? Make sure you visit the IMPAKT web-project entirely dedicated to her work. The web-project was created in conjunction with the solo-exhibition Tabita Rezaire: Symbiose Immaculée on view at IMPAKT and the Centraal Museum till 15 August.

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