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IMPAKT's curatorial training programme

We would like to congratulate the talented young curators that are selected for the first edition of the Full Spectrum Curatorship Programme, starting in April. We warmly thank everyone that shared the open call or sent in a proposal! Selected participant will develop a proposal over the course of 3 months.

We received many applications from many different countries across the world. Out of these, we selected seven participants that will start the programme this year:

Rachel Morón  
Rachel is a multilingual freelance writer and visual researcher from Curaçao currently living in Utrecht. she spends most of her days behind her quick to be overheated laptop — getting lost in the tangled web of the internet and taking way too many screenshots along the way. She has a BA in Photography and recently got her MA at Design Academy Eindhoven’s Critical Inquiry Lab (formerly known as Design Curating and Writing) – where she’s honed in on her fascination with imitation and copy-culture, culminating in a thesis about templates and what it means to use something that is made to be repeated. She’s held editorial positions within photography + design magazines like Unseen Magazine and TLmagazine. She also moderate panels and occasionally work as a tutor at HKU’s Photography department.  

Rosa Wevers 
Rosa is a PhD candidate in Genders Studies at Utrecht University and based in Utrecht. She’s conducting research on art exhibitions that thematize surveillance. Her interest lies in the political possibilities of art, as well as in the politics of technology, and the ways in which technologies (re)produce mechanisms of in/exclusion. Before starting her PhD, she worked as a project coordinator for MOED (Museum of Equality and Difference), for which she (amongst others) collaborated in the curation of the exhibition ‘What is Left Unseen’ at Centraal Museum (2019). Currently she’s working on a new side project, which is a podcast on art & technology that will launch at the end of October. 

Katherine Adams
Katherine is based in New York City, where she works on projects in modern and contemporary art. Her work and practice are typically rather hybrid, but always research-oriented and influenced by her academic interests in Philosophy and critical theory. Presently she is the Exhibition Manager of The Immigrant Artist Biennial, which is having its inaugural year in New York, and a freelance Researcher (currently with Andrea Rosen Gallery). Her previous projects include working for the editorial department of David Zwirner Books and as a Curatorial Associate for the art fair SPRING/BREAK’s 2020 editions in L.A. and New York. She also write occasionally and have forthcoming texts in some small art journals. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at Yale University and now study in the Certificate Program of the New Centre for Research & Practice, where she recently received a scholarship.

Marijn Bril 
A quick intro about Marijn, Marijn is a Rotterdam based internet explorer, fascinated by the poetics of the digital. She has a BA in Media & Culture from Design Academy Eindhoven, and a pre-master in Media Studies from Maastricht University. Next to her work at IMPAKT, she’s working as a digital publishing intern at Institute of Network Cultures. She’s also involved with a new virtual exhibition space, Area for Virtual Art. There she’s co-curating the discourse programme for the upcoming Media Arts festival in Vienna.

Tim Wildeboer 
Most of the time you can find Tim in Rotterdam, but also in Utrecht. Tim is fascinated in immersive, contemporary art that has an interdisciplinary approach, in which historical context is meeting contemporary phenomena, and where social and cultural practices are the main themes. He likes artworks that invites participation in one way or the other and which stimulate being in the moment with self-awareness. Last year he completed his MA Film & Television Science at University Utrecht. As a researcher, he was part of the Our Brave New World project. The project aims to map the creative industry of the Netherlands, by making an interactive online map. The last two festival editions of the Netherlands Film Festival he was part of the Interactive program department, where he was the Coordinator of the Interactive Competition. In creating this program, he had a substantive and producing role.  

Niv Fux
Niv is based in Amsterdam and currently the Managing Director of T-Port, an online platform for short and student films which he has also co-funded. He completed his master’s degree in Arts & Society from Utrecht University with the effects of digitisation on film festivals as his primary field of research. Recently, a review based on this research, focusing on VR exhibition in film festivals, was published in the academic journal NECSUS. Prior to this, he worked as the Artistic Director of the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, and before as a film editor. 

Films that he worked on were screened at festivals such as Tribeca and Sundance. He has a BFA in film from Tel Aviv University. Through this program, I hope to explore concepts of slowness, contemplation and attention through time-based media exhibition in the museum.

Lucy Wheeler
Lucy is a London based, Creative Director and Co Founder of The Immersive Kind, Interactive  Artist and Creative Technologist. She is interested in exhibiting the chaos in our world with an interdisciplinary approach. With The Immersive Kind she host online programmes on emerging topics of the present day and connect with global perspectives. She is also committed to navigating through the digital world, and explore and speculate other realities and ways to experience the digital. She is mindful of the developing metaverse and seek to curate URL and IRL experiences that can tap into an evolving way of life both technically and conceptually. She is interested in the intersection between technology and nature and what this means for us and believe art and design can help to present solutions.

Sebastián Mira 
Sebastián is interested in archival, bricklaying, and online practices. Recently he worked as a digital archivist: dusting off videotapes, scanning 80’s newspapers, and researching gossips around video art festivals and performative events in Medellín’s art scene (he was an intern at MAMM’s); which led him to interest in ‘unmaterial’ art experiences and how they are documented, retold and reproduced. Currently, he’s part of a telematic duo, and because of that, he’s thinking about curatorial practice as a form of collective research. He’s been thinking lately about websites as performative objects/places that are shaped by users/developers emotion.

The Full Spectrum Curatorship Programme is IMPAKT’s curatorial programme especially designed emerging and aspiring curators with a specific interest in media art and its relationship to technology and society. The programme aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical and substantive aspects of curation in the field of media art and contemporary arts dealing with digital technologies and online environments


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