EMARE residency 2021: Update #1

Liliana Piskorska (Zeic)

“The body can show the experience of long and continuous oppression. […] It is a feeling of your chest being constantly pressed, and not being able to breathe fully.”

This was part of the presentation that our resident artist Liliana Piskorska (Zeic) gave at last week’s online meeting with other EMAP/EMARE artists and EMARE members. As promised, we come to you with more insight on this presentation.  

As the artist explained, the piece will touch the notion of human rights in public sphere and European culture. With the main focus on the Polish culture and the current situation of LGBTQ+ community in that country, Liliana’s project aims to present the Polish context as one of the examples of the notion of exclusion rooted in (Eastern) European traditions. The universal language used by Liliana is based on traditional children’s games, dance, and audio-visual content, and it directs discrimination as a problem of not just one nation, but the collective European culture.  

Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates on 2021 EMAP/EMARE and Liliana Piskorska (Zeic).



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