RAAK-SIA: Go Hybrid!

Researching participative livecasting

How can we develop a sustainable, technologically innovative and coherent long-term vision for hybrid cultural events? IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] is part of the research project Go Hybrid!, initiated by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Other cultural partners include: Framer Framed (Amsterdam), MU (Eindhoven), The Hmm (Amsterdam), Hackers&Designers (Amsterdam) and Varia (Rotterdam). Over the next two years, from January 2022 till December 2023, we will work together researching and experimenting with new forms of participative livecasting, (e-)publications and digital archives.

The ‘corona reset’ has forced cultural institutions to get creative with offering their content both on- and offline. Go Hybrid! hooks in on the wide variety of solutions that cultural organisations have developed during the COVID-pandemic. By gathering and researching these solutions, Go Hybrid! wants to develop these solutions further, in order to create a wide array of technologies and means of going hybrid that will help the cultural sector develop itself after COVID or when the next pandemic strikes. 

Go Hybrid! looks more specifically into sustainable and innovative solutions for: participative livecasting, (e-)publications and digital archiving. IMPAKT is specifically involved for its expertise and experiments in the livecasting section of the project. The research carried out will be incorporated by cultural institutions to provide hybrid events that are sustainable and offer an equal experience to onsite and online audiences. 


Cultural organisations: IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] (Utrecht); Framer Framed (Amsterdam); MU (Eindhoven); Varia (Rotterdam); Hackers & Designers (Amsterdam); The Hmm (Nederland).

Knowledge partners: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Willem de Kooning Academy, Lectoraat Social Practices 

Dissemination partners: Domein voor de kunstkritiek (the Netherlands); Mister Motley (the Netherlands); BK-info (Netherlands); Rekto:Verso (Belgium); Eurozine (Europe); LIMA (the Netherlands); Subbacultcha (the Netherlands); Future Affairs/NRC (the Netherlands); Metropolis M (the Netherlands); See All This (the Netherlands); Centre of Expertise for Creative Innovation (the Netherlands).

Industry and professional associations: Platform BK (the Netherlands); De Zaak Nu (the Netherlands); Federatie Creatieve Industrie (the Netherlands). 

Network partners: Fieldlab Digitalisering, belegd bij DEN Kenniscentrum Cultuur & Digitalisering (Netherlands); Boekmanstichting (the Netherlands); Public Spaces (the Netherlands); Culture Commons Quest Office (Belgium).

Advisors: Dr. Geert Lovink, lector Netwerkcultuur, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Dr. Michelle Teran, lector Social Practices, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences; Prof. dr. Liesbet van Zoonen, professor Sociology and decaan of the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Dr. Thijs Lijster, lecturer Art and Cultural Philosophy at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and researcher at the Culture Commons Quest Office, Antwerp.



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