Coralie Vogelaar shortlisted for the Prix de Rome

Prestigious Prix de Rome announces the four selected artists for the 2021 award

We like to congratulate Coralie Vogelaar for being one of the 4 shortlisted artists for the prestigious Prix de Rome 2021. This year the jury received 217 applications. Vogelaar is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on combining science, technology and art. The way Vogelaar combines future visions and technological developments in her interdisciplinary works not only attracted the jury of Prix de Rome 2021, but also opened and still opens the door for collaborations, which IMPAKT is proud to be a part of.

Prix de Rome, the oldest award in the Netherlands for young visual artists released a shortlist of selected artists for 2021. The award dates back to 1808 when Louis Napoleon introduced the Prix de Rome in the Netherlands to promote the arts. Although the award adopted various guises over the years, the aim has always been to trace talented artists and promote their further development and visibility. 

Coralie Vogelaar’s passion lies within exploring the relationship between humans and machines. In her opinion, when combining the logic of technology with body memory, a completely new type of knowledge emerges. She portrays this interest through video installations and performances. Between 2019 and 2020, Vogelaar participated as a mentor in the fellowship program between IMPAKT and Cairotronica WE ARE DATA. This program focused on integrating technologies with art and design. With her students, she explored the vision of technology, how computers look at and interpret us. IMPAKT recently also published a web-project dedicated to this project.

Prix de Rome aims to trace talented artists, help them in further self-development and promote their work and visibility. Since 2013, the organisation has been funded by the Mondriaan Fund. According to a recent Mondriaan Fonds article, the four selected artists will be given 5 months to create a new work which will be then shown in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam from 13 November 2021. The winner will be chosen and announced during this exhibition. 

Congratulations Coralie! We are looking forward to seeing the final exhibition in November!


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