First openly transgender US secretary

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On Topic is our weekly news digest. We reflect on what is happening and connect it to critical and creative views from our IMPAKT Archive. This week:
Rachel Levine has become the first openly transgender US assistant secretary of health.

She is the first ever openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the US Senate! This is a huge step, not only after the discourse formerly promoted by the Trump administration and the constant discrimination that trans people faced and are still facing due to the perpetuating systemic inequalities, but also for including more voices and working towards a more sustainable future. Health, sustainability and including and presenting all the existent groups on a global level, can emphasize the importance of collective action. 

Delve deeper into issues of inclusivity and sustainability with IMPAKT’s panel discussion Radical Network of Change. The panel was part of the IMPAKT Festival 2020 Zero Footprint, which took place last autumn. One of the panelists, Matthea de Jong, Initiator of the Warming Up Festival and director of Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, reflected about achieving social change and asked: How can we decide as a society which course to take? How can we live together when we can’t be together? Or how can we become a radical network of change when it’s so difficult to connect and to meet and to have a conversation where we can doubt, change opinions, ideas? 

Thus, to achieve this, we need representatives and decision-makers who come from diverse backgrounds and can thus contribute to dismantle the already established discourse about sustainability. People from all walks of life, who can work towards creating unity and tackle collective doubts, desires and concerns towards sustainability and change. It is important to include everyone in the discussion and have different perspectives which challenge the norms, which is what the speakers reflect on during the panel discussion.  

Radical Network of Change was moderated by Lynn Zebeda. With Zohra Moosa, Matthea de Jong and Selçuk Balamir.

Watch the entire panel here

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