NNF Conference Report

Our picks from this year’s Nederlands Film Festival!

Have you missed out on what was happening in Utrecht this week? Did you happen to see a golden calf in the city centre? Then you must know that the Dutch Film Festival is going on this week! To keep you up to speed we are going to highlight our favourite entries from this year’s NFF Confer­ence!

IMPAKT’s Pick #1 : NFF Confer­ence: The Real Truth

In The Real Truth they covered three jour­nal­istic orga­ni­za­tions on how they use unorthodox and inter­dis­ci­plinary ways to find the truth behind facts presented by orga­ni­za­tions.What lies behind the images that everyone assumes as normal and true? Can we learn how to be crit­ical and how will we be able to achieve this? 

In this conference you may recognize some familiar faces:

  • Follow the Money; Jour­nal­istic plat­form Follow The Money has the same, bright goal since 2009: clar­i­fying the truth in serving the society. One of the founders, Eric Smit, shared his story during this session. 
  • Forensic Archi­tec­ture (FA);  During The Real Truth, Imani Jacque­line Brown presented the newest FA-project Louisiana: a research in the domain of former plan­ta­tions and the current rela­tion­ship between the petro­chem­ical industry, envi­ron­mental issues and insti­tu­tion­al­ized racism.
  • Bellingcat; is an inde­pen­dent inter­na­tional collec­tive that uses open-source-research, ​‘citi­zens jour­nalism’ and online sources to find the real truth. Bellingcat publishes the results of their profes­sional and citi­zens-jour­nalism into warzones, viola­tions of human rights and the crim­inal under­world.



Now that human encounters are increasingly taking place online, and facial recognition is everywhere – from phone locks to border control – faces are continuously digitized and analyzed through machine vision. In this process, the face not merely functions as a site of human interaction, but also as a password, a container of data and a target of state control.

Find out more about the FACE VALUE exhibition here!

With: Dr. Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Dr. Christine Quinan, Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer and Ella Jakubowska.

Moderator: Rosa Wevers

Sad that you’ve missed it? We’ve got another panel organized in collaboration with Dutch Media Week for you! On Friday 8 October you can join us in Hilversum or online for a discussion about the use of new media and technologies in investigative journalism in the Netherlands, with Robert van der Noordaa (Trollrensics), Sanne Terlingen (Argos), Peter Keizer (Pointer) and Christiaan Triebert (New York Times). The panel is part of the Dutch Media Week (3-11 October) programme and the IMPAKT webproject OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), which provides an overview of new kinds of investigative journalism.

Claim your spot here!

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