These are the best watched video’s of 2020

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Why are conspiracy theories so popular? Are memes more than “funny viral images” and are they the founding stone of a new language for the digital age? These are just a couple of questions that we explored offline and online with you and with artists who showcased their work.

Here are the top 5 most viewed videos of 2020 on the IMPAKT YouTube channel:

1 – In search of Petra Genetrix
In her performance In Search of Petra Genetrix Ayoung Kim creates her own version of the story: a mythology connected to the fictional character of Petra Genetrix – the protagonist of her video series Porosity Valley. Through the notion of ‘Petrogenesis’ – genesis from rocks – Ayoung Kim wanders through the Earth’s strata. She shows us footage she recorded in Mongolia and Iran interviewing an historian, a geologist, a geology museum director, and local inhabitants. Next to the interview fragments, Ayoung Kim embodies different entities by transforming her own voice.

2 – Game over: A philosophical Watch
In this poetic performance-lecture, philosopher, writer and activist Franco “Bifo” Berardi comes to grips with the relationship between technology, progress thinking and the climate crisis. The performance-lecture is based on the essay “Game Over,” which Berardi wrote for e-flux journal.

3 – Conspiracy theories: panel discussion from the IMPAKT web-project Radicalization by Design
This video gives a preview of the the Conspiracy Theories section of the web-project Radicalization by Design, featuring Bharat Ganesh (University of Groningen), Dimitri Tokmetzis (journalist), Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam), Florian Cramer (Willem de Kooning Academy), curated by Marc Tuters (University of Amsterdam).

Check out the entire web-project here

4 – Exhibition Abducting Europa 
Rewatch some  highlights from the opening night of the exhibition Abducting Europa. The artists collected in this exhibition establish a coordinate system of autonomous realities in which intersectional forms of collective identity provide an alternative to essentialism, suggesting the power of storytelling as a means for positive and inclusive change rather than a return to a fictional past.

5 – #Mememanifesto Clusterduck
#MEMEMANIFESTO is a transmedia project exploring the occult meanings and communicative potentials of Internet Memes. The project was born out of one simple idea: that memes are more than mere “funny viral images.” Clusterduck explores memes as important elements of new, online-based subcultures and as the founding stone of a new language for the digital age.

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