On Topic: Cheating or chatting together with bots

Will you have dinner with an artificial parasite?

‘Magical, what ChatGPT can do. We gladly let ourselves be enchanted by the possibilities of generative AI models. But isn’t there more of a case of ‘CheatGPT’, because what is such a language bot without the human?’

This quote is from an article in one of the latest issues of De Groene Amsterdammer, in which philosopher Jos de Mul takes a critical look at AI generative technology such as ChatGPT. De Mul’s research focuses on the (partly overlapping) domains of philosophical anthropology, philosophy of art and culture, and the philosophy of information and communication technologies.

In this article, de Mul states that AI models such as ChatGPT resemble a parasite, gaining information from everywhere and combining into a text that looks authentic. That ChatGPT appears so human is primarily because up to now the input texts have been and are being written by humans. When existing texts are inputted, copyrights are violated on a large scale, public publications like Wikipedia and Common Crawl (a dataset of forty trillion words) are plundered, as well as texts behind a paywall.

On March 23th this year, we organized an event at IMPAKT called Be My Guest! This was part of our current exhibition that has just been extended until June 16th. Be My Guest is a collective XR dinner event by artist-duo Me AndOther Me in collaboration with Valdemar Danry. The host of this dinner is an AI called parasite. Their choice for this name was no coincidence… In an earlier interview on our website ( Me AndOther Me explained that Parasite is the name of the AI dinner guest, which comes from the concept called Parasite by philosopher Michel Serres. It explores the way (AI) systems interfere with human relationships, in a way it can be infiltrating our networks like a parasite.

On 1 June, there will be another chance to get into conversation with this ‘parasite’. As part of our extended exhibition, we’re organizing another Be My Guest dinner event! There will be a limited number of tickets available for seats at the table, which allow you to talk to the work’s so-called Parasite.

Taking negative aspects of AI into account, it is important to weigh them against the benefits and then carefully consider the opportunities that generative AI technology offers humanity. It can be a way to break down language barriers and share information more easily than ever before. This is also what’s done with Be My Guest, as it creates the ability to have a conversation between the participating humans and the AI dinner guest.

At IMPAKT, we think it is important to critically look at the way new forms of technology involve our lives. Even though generative AI like ChatGPT is only using used information and presenting it as its own, we can still question its character, and the way it uses information to grow and develop itself. Not only can we simply use the information given from generative AI, we can also question its ways of creating.

For more information, visit the webpage of the event here (

The tickets for this event will be available very soon, so stay in touch with our socials! If you want to see some images and a video from the previous Be My Guest,

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