On Topic: Digital Colonialism

Resisting Data Colonialism – A Practical Intervention

‘Some people think that colonialism is long over, while others are sure it has never stopped. This book explores a third possibility: not only is colonialism still continuing, but right now it is morphing into possibly its most powerful version yet. This is data colonialism.’

In the context of our upcoming Digital Colonialism event, we would like to highlight the book RESISTING DATA COLONIALISM – A PRACTICAL INTERVENTION. The book is co-edited by one of our event speakers: Gabriel Pereira. The book is intended as a toolkit for understanding what data colonialism is, who it harms, and how to resist it.

The book can be downloaded for free via the link below:

Free Download

On 25 January, IMPAKT will present an exploration into the realms of digital colonialism, a contemporary form of oppression that transcends geographical boundaries and uses technology as a tool for exploitation and profit. Join us for an evening that delves into the roots and manifestations of digital colonialism, featuring insights and discussions from experts in the fields of technology, art, and activism.

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