Artist in Residence

Peter Burr

Peter Burr is an artist and curator from Portland, OR, USA. He is the founder of Cartune Xprez, an experimental cartoon project that is part video label, part live theater, part psychedelic insurrection, and part touring road show. As the principle organizer of this project he created platforms for video artists who remix commercial imagery to the extent of anarchy and animate their way out of Sunday Morning Cartoons. His work has become a touchstone of this experimental genre, having released two DVD publications and organized six international tours resulting in more than 150 events in 19 countries.

For his 2010 IMPAKT WORKS residency he developed a new performance piece entitled “Future Television”. Stemming from his work with Christopher Doulgeris as Hooliganship, this theatrical video show explored the melancholic shadows of cartoon storytelling. Using live video tricks, futuristic office furniture, lo-fi surveillance, and imaginary computer nightmares he plotted a dystopian meta-narrative through a collection of new experimental animations. During his residency Burr presented a handful of in-progress performances of this new show in cities around Northern Europe including Copenhagen, Nijmegen, and Brussels.

Aside from this collaborative performance work, Burr created a small collection of digital images and single-channel videos with IMPAKT WORKS. This series reconfigured bits of internet wilderness (video torrents, compression artifacts, and obsolete website patterns) with original graphic footage to conjure foggy scenes of violent action. He found composite monsters in tension between cartoon mice, night-vision hyenas, and lenticular wallpaper buried within a dense stream of video and image files.

In addition to these two wings of his creative practice, Burr was finishing production on new Cartune Xprez DVD compilation featuring cartoons by Jacob Ciocci, Amy Lockhart, James Duesing, Barry Doupe, and a dozen more contemporary artists.


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