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Rosa Menkman

IMPAKT had selected the artist Rosa Menkman for the exchange artist-in-residence program with LabMIS. She worked until December the 31st at the Museum for Image and Sound (MIS) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Rosa Menkman is a Dutch artist and scholar, currently living in Amsterdam. She holds at the Academy for Media Art in Cologne a practical PhD position and works as visual artist. Her work investigates the experience of the glitch. It is an ephemeral phenomenon, a failure of the computer system which leaves the recipient for a moment lost. Glitch studies can be located between theory and practice and Menkman realizes her glitch art mostly in the technologically based translation of musical effects into video. She uses different software and hardware, as each of these ‘-wares’ have their erroneous functionalities and can be exploited.

In Sao Paolo at LabMIS, Menkman is working on a project based on her “Glitch Studies Manifesto”. She develops an independent, audiovisual work for which she translates and reworks her manifest and former audiovisual performances into a video work. Rosa Menkman explains her work here.

LabMIS is the art labatory of the Museum for Image and Sound (MIS) in Sao Paulo and is dedicated to the research and production of contemporary practices in digital media, acting in the intersection of art, science, technology and society.

Rosa Menkman’s works have been shown at The IMPAKT Festival 2010, (Chicago, 2010), File (Sao Paolo, 2010), Blip (Europe and US, 2009), ISEA (Dublin, 2009), Cimatics (Brussels 2008, 2009) and Video Vortex (Amsterdam, 2008 and Brussels, 2009). She also collaborated on artprojects together with Alexander Galloway, little-scale,, Goto80 and the internet art collective As organizer and curator, Menkman played an important role in the succes of Festival in Chicago, 2010.

More information on Rosa Menkman can be found here.

More information on LabMIS can be found here.


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