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Daniel Silvo

Spanish artist Daniel Silvo, who is IMPAKT’s Works resident from June through to August 2012, uses his video work, photography and installations to question the political load of objects in a critical manner: from design originating from the Cold War to the ‘communist’ Lada – still the only car brand available to Cubans. Silvo approaches these controversial subjects with a good dose of humor and from various angles.

“Are art and design able to protect us from an atomic bomb?”

Daniel Silvo about his project: ” This video, “Can art and design protect us from a nuclear attack?”, invites us to reflect upon the transformative power of art, architecture and design. When we question, in a situation as critical and extreme as a nuclear attack, the functionality and habitability of Erasmuslaan house, we are pointing to the power and strength of neoplasticism.

Our idea is based on transforming the world, the possibility of changing the notion of the habitable and the idea of aesthetic delight and having them both form part of a four-dimensional reality in which individuality and dogma disappear. This idealism of neoplasticism also strives to turn this world into a harmonic place to live.

Watch the video from the shooting! Making of : “Are architecture and design able to protect us from a nuclear attack?”

Daniel Silvo also curated the exhibition: “Objects in the mirror are closer then they appear, ” which opened on Friday, 17 August at 17:00 at ASNOVA architects BV in Utrecht.

More information about Daniel’s residency can be found at his blog in IMPAKT or his personal blog.

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