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From August till the end of September 2012, IMPAKT was happy to host Artist in Residence Rubén Gutierrez (1972).

IMPAKT selected Gutierrez from the EMARE MEXICO CallEMARE stands for European Media Artists in Residence Exchange which is presented by European Media Art Network in cooperation with Centro Multimedia del Centro National de las Artes Mexico City & Centro de Arte y Nuevas Technologias San Luis Potosi.


Rubén Gutierrez’s work can be described as philosophical concepts on absurdity. His art engages in drawing, installations, photography and video to re-examine existent forms of knowledge. Especially his video works treat the texts and images of the global entertainment industry. He questiones revolutionary claims circulating in mass media as endless stream of illusionary reality concepts. Rubén Gutiérrez has shown his work since 1993 in exhibitions in Mexico and abroad, awarded with the Mexican Young Artist Award in 2001 and the Award at the Biennal FEMSA in 2004. He is a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte since 2009 and founder of ObjectNotFound.Org which is an independent non-profit art space in Monterrey.

“The most effective way to cover up a lie” 2012

The project of Rubén during his residency in Utrecht consists of the production of a series of short videos that represent a non linear fiction supported in different layers, multiverses or parallel realities, structured as symbolic moments of resistance. The audience must approach this work as a text with no order and no sense, a story where all the details don’t fit in perfectly. The idea is to propose twisted teenage utopias while making a commentary about dominant fictions and memory. For art, as for any control system, manipulation is a weapon to be present.

You can find an extended version of Rubén’s bio on his personal website.

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A teaser of the project “The most effective way to cover up a lie”


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