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Andrew Norman Wilson

Within this year’s theme, Capitalism Catch 22, IMPAKT welcomes American artist Andrew Norman Wilson (1983). As part of the IMPAKT Works residency program he will work on his project Stock Fantasy Ventures from 15 May till 17 June 2013. During Wilson’s stay Impakt will organise an investor meeting on this venture, as well as a screening of his earlier works Workers leaving the GooglePlex and ScanOps.


Andrew Norman Wilson‘s current work mainly focuses on globalisation and the forms of employment and flows of information and capital that accompany this process. He will participate in the Venice Biennale in 2013, Art Basel 2013, He recently had a solo show at Threewalls in Chicago entitled The Refrain: Medfield/Walpole, and is preparing solo shows for Club Midnight in Berlin and Important Projects in Oakland, California. Recent press includes Aperture, Artforum, and Tank Magazine.

During his stay in Utrecht, Andrew Norman Wilson will continue work on the project Stock Fantasy Ventures. With this project Wilson investigates stock media and the way companies and investors treat this phenomenon. During his residency at Impakt, and especially during the event concerning Stock Fantasy Ventures, Wilson invites interested parties to invest in this project. The stock media generated through this venture will be sold on several platforms, after which any profit wil be divided between the investors, the stock media database and Stock Fantasy Ventures.Win-win-win!

The investors meeting on Stock Fantasy Ventures as well as the performance-lecture Movement Materials and What We Can Do (including his works Workers Leaving the GooglePlex and ScanOps) will take plake on 11 June. Keep an eye on our website for more information.

More information on Andrew Norman Wilson can be found here.


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