Artist in Residence

Marika Troili

From early September onwards, we are hosting Artist in Residence Marika Troili from Sweden at the IMPAKT Headquarters. She was  invited through Benjamin Fallon, curator for the  Capitalism Catch-22 exhibition TO THE READER opening on 18 October in BAK, Utrecht. Marika is producing a research based work for the exhibition.

Marika Troili is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Recent exhibitions include Taking Time, Akademija Gallery, Vilnius; Cosmotopia, Batiment d’art Contemporain BAC, Genève, She – A Factory, Romanian Cultural Institute, Stockholm, Thrill in Movement, Mikser Festival, Belgrade. Find Marika’s website here.


For the IMPAKT Festival exhibition titled ‘To the Reader’, Marika is working on a new piece:

“Unfortunately, it also means we will have to…”

For the past few years Marika has been producing work directly emerging from her ‘money job’ working in the privatizing Swedish Postal Service. She addresses both the flexibilisation and optimisation of space, time and personality necessitated by the combined forces of the ‘new’ economy and the recent austerity programmes further embedding an ideal of privatisation. In the context of Capitalism Catch-22, Marika is continuing her research by relating shifts in labour practices in Sweden to the local situation in Utrecht and the Netherlands.

CALL FOR DUTCH/Netherlands based artists and postman and women, (former) TNT workers, who recognise themselves in the picture: money job, post service, talk, interview, austerity measures. ETC.
Get in touch and drop us a line through ilga [at] impakt dot nl.


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