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Nicoletta Daldanise

IMPAKT does a lot more than just organizing events and an annual festival. An important part of our activities consists of our residency program IMPAKT WORKS. In addition to our long established Artist in Residence program we also have a Researchers in Residency section where we invite and host researchers and curators and help them to meet experts from the Dutch art world who may be useful for their research.

From 5-19 December IMPAKT welcomes Italian curator Nicoletta Daldanise. During her short residency she will analyze the premises of some independent projects and their relation both to institutional cultural policies and the community, in collaboration with a group of Dutch organizations. RE-SOURCE 

In the widely shared perspective of redefining through art some general political, economic and social topics, it becomes essential to redefine artistic policies and their economic models as well. An insight about the way art is supported and institutionalized might tell more about how these strategies are turned into concrete actions. The premise to the Curatorial Residency at IMPAKT brings along a general rethinking of the methodology under the artistic process. That involves innovative forms of dialogue between all the actors (artist, curator, market, public, institutions), different approaches to creation, new instruments for sharing ideas and possible changes of destination for some interventions. But who is going to support such a radical transformation and at which conditions? The issue is whether institutions and big events are keeping their main role in creating cultural values for their community (locally or internationally) or they are assuming a logic more related to entertainment or tourism. Referring to Capitalism and the 2013 theme of IMPAKT Festival, can we talk about a commercialization of culture too? In a determinant turning-point for Europe, which direction should be followed and which sustainability should be found for art production and art professionals? The so called “independent art scene” recently seems to take a crucial position again in the regeneration of the debate, even if struggling with the crisis due to public cuts in the cultural funds. Nonetheless this difficult moment suggests us once more the importance of searching for alternative models of development. At the same time, looking at the current scenario, it’s impossible not to notice the heterogeneous evolution of this framework: artist-run-spaces, curatorial collectives, production groups, interdisciplinary projects, thematic events and so on. So the aim of this curatorial research is to clarify the way alternative spaces match together their different internal competences, the representative structure they use, the way they are funded and the contexts they are relating to. In particular, the notion of context will be meant in two directions: as the network they are able to create with other similar organizations and the relation they engage with their local area and the public. A series of conversations and a collection of materials will become a first step to a common reflection, open to other possible outcomes.

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