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Impakt is pleased to announce our new Resident Artist, from late May till July, Thiago Hersan. During his Impakt Works Residency, Thiago Hersan will work on a generative communication system that promotes the occupation of public spaces by creating songs of protest from the recontextualization of geo-­located messages found in popular social networking sites.


The project consists of a database of song lyrics whose grammatical structure has been analyzed and categorized, and an online system that scrapes Twitter and other social networking sites for messages of dissent and general discontent at a given location. Custom software will be written to combine these two kinds of data to make texts that use the structure of the songs, but have words from the public messages. These new songs will then be sung out loud by text-­to-­speech synthesis systems installed in public places and also broadcast using distributed FM transmitters.

About Thiago Hersan:
Thiago used to design integrated circuits and improve semiconductor manufacturing technologies. Now, he is more interested in exploring non-traditional uses of technology and their cultural affect. He is part of Astrovandalistas, an art+tech+activism collective based in Mexico City, whose work is primarily focused on designing interfaces for enhancing human-human interaction and collective experiences. Additionally, Hersan has been  a design-engineer at BeatBots in San Francisco, working on interactive robotic toy design.


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