EMARE Residency

#MEMEMANIFESTO is both a printed book and a web-based project, and explores the occult meanings and communicative potentials of memetic symbology. #MEMEMANIFESTO is going to actively involve both Clusterduck’s own network(s) and the communities represented through the curatorial process. This will be accomplished by means of online interventions in forums, chatrooms and open boards, which will be documented and integrated into the book, forming the introduction to the single chapters.

Clusterduck’s goal during the EMARE residency will be to finalize the necessary infrastructure, with websites, chatrooms, and visual assets and advance the project. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 measures the originally planned interventions in the local context of Utrecht will have to be cancelled, but the online sections of the project will be strengthened. However, the collective will keep looking for ways to involve local structures and networks of IMPAKT in the online production process. The goal is still to create a transmedia operation that is on-demand think-tank, digital archive, practical toolbook, IRL/URL performance and memetic grimoire at the same time.


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