EMARE residency 2021: UPDATE #7

Moving closer to the Werkleitz Festival.

After finishing the filming process, Liliana Piskorska (Zeic) is now steadily reaching the end of her editing process for “Gently Running Downwards”! Looking at the Werkleitz Festival that is coming up soon, there is an intense process of finalizing the finishing touches before the premiere. 

The two-channel video installation is a collage of the voices, testimonies, quotes collected by the artist. The audience will be led through this polyphony of voices by images from recordings of learning traditional folk children games. Those games whose choreography, words, rhythm preserved the rules binding social relationships – elements of structural violence, upbringing to social gender roles, punishment and marking of the Other. Sometimes they are barely visible after decades of transformations, sometimes they only survived in the history of the games.

We are always eager to see Liliana progress and grow her project and we’re looking forward to the premiere at the Werkleitz Festival.

EMARE is a collaboration that brings together 11 European Media Art organizations, co-produced by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The EMARE programme offers yearly residencies to artists working in the fields of digital media. Read more about EMARE here

Read more about Liliana Piskorska (Zeic)  here


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