Emare residency 2021: Update #2

Who are ‘We’ and who are ‘the Others’?

This year, IMPAKT is welcoming a Polish multidisciplinary artist Liliana Piskorska (Zeic) as the 2021 EMAP/EMARE Resident. Her residency investigates the narratives created within the conspiracy theory of so-called ‘cultural Marxism,’ which will result in the audio-visual installation Gently running downwards.

We asked Liliana to share with us some updates on the process which we are gladly sharing with you as our “EMARE Update” series. Here is the recent message from the artist:

Traditional children’s games are a mirror through which I want to reflect on social relations: how one determines who is ‘the Other’, a stranger? Who are ‘We’ and who are ‘the Others’? Those elements of structural violence can be found in many games.

My research started from the game I remember from childhood – in Poland, it is called ‘Sycamore people’ or ‘Bridge’; in Great Britain, it is ‘Orange and Lemons’ or ‘London Bridge’. Different versions of this game are circulating in most European countries. As E. Piasecki, a researcher of this game, writes in a text published in Lviv in 1935: 

The hypothesis is confirmed that during the journeys of traditional games from the country to the country and from the region to the region, the “movement nucleus” of the game (setting and movements of participants) remains fairly unchanged, while its “spiritual accessories” undergo greater and more frequent changes (terminology, formulas, dialogues, songs).

Choreography of these games will be a frame through which you will be able to experience the audio narrative of my installation devoted to the mechanisms of establishing the Other in current national political projects. I am looking at my own country, Poland, the country that established its ideal Other, and it so happened that I myself became part of this group.

(More on that soon.)


“In the most common version, two players hold hands and make an arch with their arms while the others pass through in single file. The “arch” is then lowered at the song’s end to “catch” a player.” 

“Jawor, jawor,
jaworowe ludzie!
Co wy tu robicie?
Budujemy mosty
Dla pana starosty,
Wszystkie panny
Tylko jedną

[“Sycamore, sycamore,
sycamore people!
What are you doing here?
We build bridges
For the starost,
All the girls
we pass,
Only one
we catch.”]


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