Get ready for the Bal Masqué

This programme is part of the Utrecht Garden by IMPAKT at Ars Electronica 2021

Over the past two years, a big part of our life has moved to virtual spaces. We learned to live, meet, work and celebrate online. In the Bal Masqué, we explore these new virtual environments as spaces for creativity, shared experiences, identity building, collectivity and fun. With the use of software like Zoom, OBS and Snap Camera, we can create our own virtual backgrounds, digital masks, video compilations and even perform live coding and VJ sets. As part of the online programme at Ars Electronica, IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] organises two workshops where you can familiarise yourself with these new tools and platforms and start using them to build your own online performance sets. Read also about the other workshop: Face and body filters

This workshop is about VJ-ing and focuses on the creation of video backgrounds and other video effects to use in your performance. Together with Sabrina Verhage (Creative Coding Amsterdam) and Jeroen Witjes (IMPAKT) we learn how to create and use virtual backgrounds, visualizations and gifs and looping videos to create a vibrant, fun presentation.

And don’t miss the chance to show off what you have learned during this workshop! On Saturday 11 September, you can present your performance and battle with us at the Bal Masqué: EMAP x IMPAKT.

Our workshop givers will teach you tips and tricks on how to most efficiently remove your own background and how to create individual layers, effects and filters in OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) that you can use to create a unique VJ performance. The final part of the workshop will be dedicated to how to create your own live coding performances.


  • A laptop, PC or Mac, ideally with Windows 10 or macOS 11 (Big Sur) installed, that is able to run OBS and video conferencing software.
  • Internet connection
  • Webcam
  • Zoom (download here) – we will use Zoom for presentation materials & tutorials
  • Open Broadcaster Software

Additionally, if you own a green screen or a Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU or better, please use these as well as it will increase the quality of the background removal. However, these are not needed.

If you have any questions about the workshop and/or software, please email us at


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