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IMPAKT Festival 2023 Reclaiming Digital Agency

Taking place in the first week of November, the IMPAKT Festival 2023 Reclaiming Digital Agency will address our digital rights, the control we have over our data and our lack of agency over the online platforms and devices we use.

The IMPAKT Festival 2023 will connect with CODE, a co-creation project on digital agency that IMPAKT initiated in 2021 and has been organising for two years with partners in Germany and Belgium. CODE refers to an ethical code of conduct that we feel needs to be discussed and developed, with basic principles for governments and the industry to adhere to. To give the discussions we have been fostering in CODE an even bigger platform, the IMPAKT Festival 2023 will put our digital agency centre stage.

During the IMPAKT Festival 2023, we will present the results of the CODE programme so far, together with additional discursive events, performances, films and artworks. In the festival programme, we will discuss the political and economic power of Big Tech and governments’ use of technology. The festival will respond to growing concerns that we are losing agency over the digital tools and platforms we use daily. The programme will include exchanges and dialogues with politicians as part of the aim to support the development of legislation that regulates Big Tech companies, curbs their power, and protects our rights as digital consumers and citizens.


Are you a curator, programmer or organiser working at the interface of digital rights, art and technology? Do you believe in the importance of a dialogue with politicians? Do you have ideas for a programme that resonates with the theme of the IMPAKT Festival 2023? We are open to proposals for panels, presentations, screenings, performances, exhibitions and other curated programmes.

You do not need to be an experienced curator but it is important that you are open to developing your programme in relation to the themes of the festival and the dialogue that we aim to establish with politicians, policymakers and the general public. 

The deadline to apply to the call for curators / programmers is 27 December, 23:59 CET.

You can apply through the form below.
Applications can be submitted in Dutch or English.
For questions about the call, please contact 

Your application should include among others:

  • Your resume
  • A summary of your proposal (between 100 and 200 words)
  • A full concept (between 1000 and 3000 words, if possible with pictures)
  • You can download here the full list of questions to prepare your application

Please note that you do not need to send us a proposal for the entire festival, since the amount of work involved in such a proposal is probably more than one curator can handle. In the past we worked with several curators, each doing a part of the festival, or with teams of curators that worked together programming the festival. If you send us a proposal for the entire festival or for more than one section we might choose to discuss only one part of your proposal and combine it with other proposals.

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