#068 Love Stories
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#065 Down the Rabbit Hole
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#062 Magic
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With the IMPAKT Channel, IMPAKT opens its extensive archive of video art to audiences around the globe. Curated programmes created around urgent themes offer works by renowned artists from the earliest days of film and video up to the current day.

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#069 Divergent Histories, Dissonant Wars

“Never again shall a single story be told as though it were the only one.”
John Berger.


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#064 The Visual Manipulation Of The Mind

Moving images are, in their essence, a visual manipulation; a sequence of still images becomes a moving image.

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#076 Nothing Replaces Work

Despite the fact that more and more work can be done by AI and algorithms, and physical labor is making way for service work, exhaustion seems more pervasive than ever.

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#067 Hyper-real Warfare

Modern warfare rapidly fuses with high technologies. Smart missiles, lasers, drones and other weapons demonstrate horrifying, but at the same extent spectacular military results. However, the biggest change comes with developments in media and the complicated relation between war and its image. The most decisive victories take place not on the battlegrounds anymore, but on our own screens.

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#063 Monsters

“Monsters are created to embody the fears and anxieties of being human.”

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