At IMPAKT you can do an internship focusing on production, PR, curating and management assistance. Most of these internships are available throughout the year without set deadlines or time periods. However, keep in mind that some functions might not be available on certain times of the year depending on our specific needs for that period. 

Within IMPAKT, we believe in giving our interns a diverse set of tasks with which they can learn the many facets that come with work in the cultural field. Therefore, most of our interns don’t focus on a single element, but take on a mix between different tasks. For example, you can have an internship that focuses both on productional work and PR work.

Interns at IMPAKT get a monthly internship compensation. At 32 hours per week (4 days), this is €236 per month. If you’re doing an internship of less hours, we adjust internship compensations accordingly. Additionally, any travel costs made for your internship can be reimbursed.

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PR & Communication:

The PR department at IMPAKT is responsible for the promotion and marketing of the year programme and the yearly IMPAKT Festival. As an intern working on PR, you will play an important part in creating and executing the communication and publicity for IMPAKT.

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Programme & Production Assistance:

Throughout the year, IMPAKT produces events, exhibitions, the yearly IMPAKT Festival and other activities. As a production intern, you will be assisting in the production of all our different types of activities.

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Curatorial Support & Research:

IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] creates its yearly programme and the festival programme making use of both internal and external curators. As an intern focusing on Curatorial Support & Research, you need to be self-motivated and already have substantial knowledge about contemporary art, digital culture and technology.

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Management Assistance: 

The management of IMPAKT consists of the general director and the head of management. We are looking for interns to assist them in running the day-to-day management tasks at IMPAKT and other management-related tasks. As a management assistant you support the staff and are a “spider in the web” in the IMPAKT organisation. The management assistant is involved in all aspects to keep the organisation running.

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As IMPAKT is an international and multicultural institution, we offer internships to both Dutch and English-speaking applicants. Please keep in mind that for some profiles knowledge of the Dutch language is a preference or even needed.  

We see the minimum of a fruitful work placement at three months, but a longer internship is always a possibility. The minimum number of work days is three per week (24 hours). 

Internships at IMPAKT are open both to students as former students looking for work experience. There is a monthly financial compensation for an internship and we offer travel expenses. 

If you have any questions relating to an internship at IMPAKT, please email our internship coordinator at 

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